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RDFSNIFFER is a newly identified malware payload of the BOOSTWRITE variant, discovered by Mandiant investigators. Developed to tamper with NCR Corporation's “Aloha Command Center” client, it has been used maliciously by several financial attackers including FIN7. When loaded by BOOSTWRITE, RDFSNIFFER hooks into several Win32 API functions enabling it to interfere with Aloha Command Center Client sessions or hijack elements of its user-interface. It loads into the same process as the legitimate RDFClient by exploiting the utility’s DLL load order, and launches each time the ‘Aloha Command Center Client’ is executed on an impacted system. This malware allows an attacker to monitor and manipulate legitimate connections made via the Aloha Command Center Client (RDFClient), an application designed to provide visibility and system management capabilities to remote IT techs. One of the DLLs in the BOOSTWRITE variant is an instance of the CARBANAK backdoor; the other DLL is RDFSNIFFER, which enables an attacker to take control of instances of the NCR Aloha Command Center Client application and interact with victim systems through existing legitimate 2FA sessions. RDFSNIFFER also contains a backdoor component that injects commands into an active RDFClient session. Its functions include uploading files to the remote system, retrieving files from the remote system, executing commands on the remote system, and deleting files on both remote and local systems. A recent investigation by Mandiant identified a signed BOOSTWRITE sample containing RDFSNIFFER used by FIN7, although most recovered variants have been unsigned.
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Carbanak Backdoor
The Carbanak Backdoor is a notorious malware, designed to exploit and damage computer systems. It is associated with the FIN7 threat group, also known as the "Carbanak Group", although not all usage of the Carbanak Backdoor can be directly linked to FIN7. This malicious software infiltrates systems
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Boostwrite is a sophisticated malware tool developed by the cybercriminal group FIN7. It operates as an in-memory-only dropper, decrypting embedded payloads using an encryption key retrieved from a remote server during runtime. The malware has been observed to contain two main payloads: CARBANAK and
Carbanak is a sophisticated type of malware, short for malicious software, that is designed to exploit and damage computer systems. It can infiltrate systems through suspicious downloads, emails, or websites, often without the user's knowledge. Once inside, it can steal personal information, disrupt
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FIN7, a notorious threat actor group known for its malicious activities, has recently been identified as targeting a large U.S. carmaker with phishing attacks. This group, which has previously operated behind fake cybersecurity companies such as Combi Security and Bastion Secure to recruit security
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Mahalo FIN7: Responding to the Criminal Operators’ New Tools and Techniques | Mandiant