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Palmerworm, also known as BlackTech, Temp.Overboard, Circuit Panda, and Radio Panda, is a threat actor group that has been active since at least 2013. This group has demonstrated extensive capabilities in targeting various sectors such as government, industrial, technology, media, electronics, and telecommunication, including entities supporting the militaries of the U.S. and Japan. Their operations have primarily focused on East Asia, specifically Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong, since 2007. Palmerworm's activities in a recent campaign were first noticed in August 2019 when they infiltrated the networks of a Taiwanese media company and a Chinese construction company. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has recognized Palmerworm for its adeptness in modifying router malware without detection and exploiting routers' domain-trust relationships to gain access to victim networks. The group maintained a presence on the networks of a construction and finance company for several months, indicating their persistent approach. Despite no clear evidence on the infection vector used by Palmerworm in this particular campaign, previous instances have documented the group's use of spear-phishing emails to gain initial network access. In addition to their sophisticated intrusion methods, Palmerworm has been publicly reported to use stolen code-signing certificates in prior attack campaigns. This aligns with their strategy of using "living-off-the-land" tactics, which involve exploiting dual-use tools commonly used by legitimate users. These advanced persistent threat (APT) groups like Palmerworm have increasingly adopted such tactics in recent years, making them a significant concern for cybersecurity agencies across the globe.
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BlackTech is a threat actor or hacking group, with suspected links to China, that is known for its malicious activities aimed at gathering intelligence from technology and government organizations. Notably, this threat actor focuses on entities in the Asia-Pacific region. The cybersecurity industry
Temp.Overboard, also known as BlackTech, Circuit Panda, Palmerworm, and several other aliases, is a threat actor that has been active in the cybersecurity landscape since at least 2007. This group is known for its operations against targets in East Asia, specifically Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong. As
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Circuit Panda, also known as BlackTech, HUAPI, Manga Taurus, Palmerworm, Red Djinn, and Temp.Overboard, is a significant threat actor with a history of operating against targets in East Asia, particularly Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong since at least 2007. This group is part of a constellation of adva
Taurus is a malicious software (malware) that has been associated with multiple cyber threat actors, notably Stately Taurus, Iron Taurus, and Starchy Taurus, all of which have connections to Chinese Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). The malware is designed to infiltrate systems and steal personal
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Red DjinnUnspecified
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