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CVE-2017-0005 is a software vulnerability, a flaw in design or implementation that can be exploited for malicious purposes. This specific vulnerability was utilized by an exploit known as EpMe, which was developed by the Equation Group, a highly sophisticated threat actor believed to have ties with the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). However, this exploit was cloned and used by another advanced persistent threat group (APT), APT31, leading to the misattribution of the original source of the vulnerability. The cloned exploit came into public knowledge when it was discovered and patched during the capture of Jian, an individual or group associated with cyber threats. At this time, the true origins of the exploit were not yet fully understood. It was later revealed that EpMe (CVE-2017-0005) was actually a product of the Equation Group, but had been successfully copied and deployed by APT31. While two different APTs exploiting the same vulnerability may seem suspicious, it's crucial to note that such instances could merely be coincidental. Both groups may have independently discovered and decided to exploit the same vulnerability. However, in the case of CVE-2017-0005, the evidence suggests that APT31 cloned the exploit from the Equation Group, showing the intricate dynamics and shared tactics within the world of cyber threats.
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EpMe is a software vulnerability (CVE-2017-0005) that was first discovered within the Equation Group's exploit arsenal, with its existence traced back to at least 2013. The Equation Group, believed to be linked to the NSA, developed this exploit as part of their cyber toolset which also included Dan
Jian, a cyber espionage tool used by the China-linked APT31 group (also known as Zirconium, Judgment Panda, and Red Keres), has been implicated in multiple cyber espionage operations. The tool was first brought to public attention in 2022 when it was discovered by the Check Point Research team. Nota
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Zirconium, also known as APT31, Judgment Panda, and Red Keres, is a threat actor linked to numerous cyber espionage operations. The group came into the spotlight in 2022 when the Check Point Research team discovered that it had used a tool called "Jian," a clone of the NSA Equation Group's hacking t
APT31, also known as Zirconium, is a threat actor group believed to be sponsored by the Chinese government. This group has been implicated in various cyber espionage activities across the globe. One of their notable exploits includes the cloning and use of an Equation Group exploit, EpMe (CVE-2017-0
Equation GroupUnspecified
The Equation Group, a threat actor suspected of having ties to the United States, has been associated with various sophisticated cyber exploits. The group's EpMe exploit, which existed since at least 2013, was the original exploit for the vulnerability later labeled CVE-2017-0005. Another exploit, E
Shadow BrokersUnspecified
The Shadow Brokers, a threat actor group, made headlines in the cybersecurity world for their leaks of sophisticated cyber tools believed to be developed by the Equation Group, an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group associated with the NSA's Tailored Access Operations unit. The most notable among
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Epme Cve-2017-0005Unspecified
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The Story of Jian - How APT31 Stole and Used an Unknown Equation Group 0-Day - Check Point Research