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Andariel, a threat actor and subgroup of the notorious Lazarus Group, has been identified as a significant cybersecurity risk. Known for its use of DTrack malware and Maui ransomware, Andariel's activities escalated in mid-2022. This North Korean entity has also expanded its Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) with the discovery of a previously undocumented malware family. Notably, Andariel has been seen exploiting software vulnerabilities alongside other nation-state threat actors such as Russia's APT29 and ransomware gangs, emphasizing the need for prompt patching of software flaws. The group's malicious activities have not gone unnoticed by authorities. South Korea imposed sanctions on eight North Korean individuals, including Ri Chang-ho, believed to be behind major cyberattacks conducted by groups like Kimsuky, Lazarus, and Andariel. The group has also been linked to several Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) backed by North Korea, further highlighting the global concern over its activities. In October 2023, Microsoft's Threat Intelligence Center pointed out that Andariel, along with other North Korean-backed APTs, was exploiting the TeamCity vulnerability (CVE-2023-42793) to install persistent backdoors. This exploit overlaps with previous disclosures linking the activity to Andariel, reinforcing the group's reputation as a persistent and sophisticated threat. Furthermore, various threat groups, including Andariel, were found exploiting CVE-2023-46604 to deploy backdoors and malware such as NukeSped and TigerRat, demonstrating the group's ongoing commitment to developing and utilizing advanced cyberattack methods.
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MITRE began in 1958, sponsored by the U.S. Air Force to bridge across the academic research community and industry to architect the Semi-Automatic Ground Environment, or SAGE, a key component of Cold War-era air defense.
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The attacks, which entail the exploitation of CVE-2023-42793 (CVSS score: 9.8), have been attributed more)
The researchers at Kaspersky are credited for identifying the new malware and attribute the EarlyRat trojan to the advanced persistent threat (APT) group Andariel (also known as Stonefly more)
Seoul police have accused the North Korean hacker group Andariel of stealing sensitive defense secrets from South Korean defense companies and laundering ransomware proceeds back to North Korea.
Police said they had seized the domestic servers and virtual asset exchanges used by Andariel to launch attacks and launder money and arrested the person who owned the account used to transfer the ransomware funds.
We discovered a previously undocumented malware family and an addition to Andariel’s set of TTPs.
Additionally, Andariel has been involved in ransomware attacks against healthcare organizations in certain instances.
Two RATs, One Downloader In the latest Andariel campaign, two of the DLang malware families being used are RATS, one of which Talos is calling NineRAT and is using Telegram bots and channels to communicate with command-and-control (C2) system.
Another prominent hacking crew is APT37 (aka ScarCruft), which is part of the Ministry of State Security, unlike other threat activity clusters – i.e., APT43 (aka Kimsuky) and Lazarus Group (and its sub-groups Andariel and BlueNoroff) – that are affi...(read more)
Police said Andariel has established at least 83 connections to a South Korea-based rented server to target organizations and used a foreign woman's account to launder bitcoins obtained from ransomware victims.
IssueMakersLab also listed the ActiveX objects that the Andariel group attacked.
Other notorious groups on the list included Lazarus Group – the group blamed for 2017’s WannaCry attack, Andariel, and Bluenoroff.
2023-06-30 06:06 North Korea-linked cyberespionage group Andariel used a previously undocumented malware called EarlyRat.
Threat Intelligence December 8, 2023 Defense industry organizations in South Korea had data concerning anti-aircraft weapon systems exfiltrated by North Korean state-sponsored threat operation Anda...(read more)
Stopping these Lazarus-aligned groups is a top priority for the U.S. federal government, which in July 2022 offered a $10 million reward for informatio...(read more)
Our colleagues from the IssueMakersLab team shared insights and information about the Andariel group, including that they attacked ActiveX vulnerabilities as far back as 2007.
The three groups mentioned in the report were the Lazarus Group Kimsuky, and Andariel.
During the same period, Andariel also actively exploited the Log4j vulnerability as reported by Talos and Ahnlab.
We believe that the injected script came from the Andariel group since the code has similar obfuscation and structure to the sample we previously found from them.
Kaspersky observed Andariel first infecting machines through a Log4j flaw exploitation, then the threat actors downloaded further malware from the C2 server.
These new developments from the Andariel group give us an idea of their plans, although we cannot make specific assumptions about their strategy.
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a year ago
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North Korea-linked Andariel APT used a new malware named EarlyRat last year | IT Security News
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